Friday, June 8, 2012

This is how my journey began back in December 2011. I was given the opportunity to attend the TIES conference in Minneapolis, MN. I attended a session titled Personalized Learning in the Early Grades. I heard two amazing teachers talk about how they have personalized their instruction for their Kindergarten students in Wisconsin. I knew right away that this instructional strategy was for me and my students. I presented a proposal to my superintendent, principal, tech person, and the curriculum coordinator. They were excited about the proposal and offered to let me and some colleagues go to Wisconsin to see this classroom in action. In March we did that, couldn't believe what we saw, came back and myself and another Kindergarten teacher made another presentation that we shared with our administration. They seemed excited about our plan, and we were asked to write a grant proposal to receive iPads and new furniture for our classroom. We will focus on each child's interest and incorporate the state standards into their individual learning plan. We received approval of the grant in late May, now we are eagerly anticipating what changes they made to our proposal so we can begin planning for our classes this fall.

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